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Step back in time with Vinyl Cycle, where everything old becomes new again! This event celebrates the nostalgia of vinyl records, inviting participants to share their favorite records and stories. With a focus on communal listening and storytelling, Vinyl Cycle creates a unique and intimate music-sharing experience.

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Program / Itinerary (Duration: 2 hours)

Record Sharing & Storytelling (60 minutes)

Record Exchange & Networking (30 minutes)

Closing Reflection (30 minutes)

Participants gather to share their vinyl records and stories behind them. Host facilitate the sharing process, encouraging participants to connect over their shared love of music. Host plays selected tracks from the shared vinyl records, creating a nostalgic atmosphere for participants to enjoy. Participants listen attentively, appreciating the warmth and richness of analog sound.

Participants have the opportunity to exchange records and connect with fellow music enthusiasts. DJs provide recommendations and facilitate networking among participants.

The event concludes with a reflection session, allowing participants to share their thoughts and feelings about the experience. Host thanks everyone for attending and invite guests to join future Vinyl Cycle events.

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