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Experience the ultimate creative show with Sound Freqz Entertainment's Exquisite Sound Corpse (ESC). ESC is a creative support group for electronic musicians where every session ends with an original song. Musicians arrange song elements independently to create a collective composition in front of an audience.

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What is it?

Inspired by the creative approach adopted by authors and visual artists of the Surrealist movement, an "Exquisite Sound Corpse" is a collective composition made by a group of musicians playing independent from one another. Using wireless headphones and digital audio recording, musicians will be divided into headphone groups (Red, Blue, Green) to record a song element for a collective composition. At the end of the session we'll play back the final song that even it's creators haven't heard.

There is no experience necessary to participate!

How does it work?

Immerse yourself in an innovative musical experience with Exquisite Sound Corpse. This event takes electronic music composition to new heights, allowing participants to contribute to the creation of a unique sonic masterpiece. With three channels of audio recording separately and then incorporated into a final outcome, participants collaborate in real-time to craft an evolving and dynamic composition.

Anatomy of an Exquisite Sound Corpse
(Head, Body, Legs)


Choose an Instrument

Rule #1 (Head)

Use only one instrument as your voice. Explore it's limitations. Leave space or create a distinct emotion. A corpse is pieced together by the intention of many individual parts.

Develop a musical idea

Rule #2 (Body)

Imagine writing the beginning, middle, and end of a full composition. How will your element connect with others? What story does it tell? There are no restriction on your creativity or what musical idea can be included.

Record a performance

Rule #3 (Legs)

Capture your ideas no matter what state they are in! Using only one take, start to finish (any duration), capture your song element. Don't forget to add silence for some happy accidents. The final corpse will be premiered at the end of each session.

Program / Itinerary (Duration: 2 hours)

Introduction & Setup (30 minutes)

Rehearsal Phase - Collaborative Composition (30 minutes)

Recording Phase - Editing & Mixing (60 minutes):

Presentation Phase - Playback & Reflection (30 minutes)

Participants gather to learn about the concept of Exquisite Sound Corpse and receive instructions on how to contribute to the composition. The host will set up the equipment and explain the rehearsal and recording process.

Participants split into groups and begin recording their audio contributions. Each group focuses on a different aspect of the composition, such as rhythm, melody, or texture. Host provides guidance and facilitate collaboration among participants.

The Host/Engineer can combine the recorded audio tracks, adjusting levels and effects to create a cohesive final composition. Participants have the opportunity to listen to the evolving composition and provide feedback.

The final composition is played back for all participants to hear. A discussion follows, allowing participants to reflect on their experience and share insights gained from the collaborative process.


We hope that you'll have fun and enjoy the release of the recordings (stream/mp3/podcast) under creative commons license for non-commercial use. Each session can be unique as we spice things up adding new themes, challenges, sample packs, and achievement awards for participants.

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