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Silent Party

Where can I have a silent party?
Anywhere! For the best sound with the longest range an ideal location will be open (minimal walls and structures) that is away from busy traffic. LEDs will not be entirely visible in bright sunlight so dawn and dusk events offer an ideal experience.
Why are there different colours?
Each colour represents a different FM channel. When you change the colour of the headphone you'll be hearing whatever is being broadcast on that channel.
Do your headphones fit over hockey helmets?
Yes, we've had success fitting our headphones over most children's helmets during our Silent Ice Party!
What is the range of the FM transmitter?
50 meters. To maintain the best range the ideal transmitter location should be in the centre of your event space.
How long do the headphones last?
With a 10 hour lithium battery powering our headphones they'll be sure to keep the party rocking throughout your event!
What happens if my guest or I damage the headphones?
Our headphones are extremely durable and built to withstand abuse. With normal use it is highly unlikely that damage would occur. Our cost to replace each headphone is $100 billed to the credit or debit card on file.
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