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Silent Party


A silent party doesn't just have to be about music! Any gathering that requires great audio can be work: presentations, movie screenings, video games, live concerts, live streaming events, guided meditation, fitness, yoga, zumba, and dance instruction.

When planning the music you'll want to consider the physical movements of each channel
. An easy way to keep things interesting is to select different tempos for each music channel (e.g. Rock, Pop, Hip-hop)

Need some inspiration? Explore our suggestions for channel options, themes, and group activities. 

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Entertainment Options & 
Add-on Experiences

When planning a silent party its best to choose the three entertainment options you will offer your participants.

Sound Freqz Entertainment can help you design the perfect playlist for your event offering custom mixes for all-ages and genres: Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, EDM, Dancehall, R&B, Latin, and more!

In addition to music programming, silent parties can also include experiences that are even more interactive.

For example a few add-on silent experiences we offer are:

  • ​Yoga Instructor 

  • Zumba Instructor 

  • Flash Mob Dance Instructor

  • Guided Meditation 

  • Movie / Game Screening

  • Live Stream Event

  • Live DJ / Musicians 


Channel Themes

Theme parties are always fun! Adding a theme to each of your channels encourages participants to collaborate and role-play together. 

Here are some theme ideas that we offer as 120 minute pre-made playlists:

  • ​Motown Funk Mix 

  • 90’s Neon Pop Party

  • 90's Hiphop/R&B

  • 80’s Glamrock

  • Progressive House 

  • Dubstep/Trap Party

  • Latin Spice

  • Classical Movements

Encourage participation by staging areas of your event space with decorations, props, and games. Don't forget to take pictures!


Group Activities

When planning a silent event it's helpful to think of ways to create key moments for your participants. Adding a simple collaborative game, call-answer, movement, or dance can really enhance a silent party.

Here are some games that we have successfully modified for silent parties:

  • ​Follow the Leader

  • Trivial Pursuit

  • Freeze Dance

  • Line Dancing

  • Charades

  • Crowd Karaoke 

  • Limbo

  • Red/Light Green Light

  • What time is it Mr Wolf

  • Tug of war

  • Spoons and Eggs relay

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