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Celebrate how unique "you" are. Our workshop is designed to help participants break out of their shells and embrace their authentic selves. Through a series of interactive exercises and challenges, facilitated by wireless headphones, attendees will explore new ways of engaging with others and expressing themselves. From striking up conversations with strangers to mastering the art of public speaking, this workshop offers a supportive environment for personal growth and self-discovery. This is a great activity for anyone dealing with social anxiety or interested in improv.

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Program / Itinerary (Duration: 2.5 hours)

Welcome (5 minutes)

Icebreaker Activity: "Step Out of Your Comfort Zone" (20 mins):

Workshop Session 1: "Mastering the Art of Conversation" (30 mins):

Break (10 mins):

Workshop Session 2: "Conquering Public Speaking Fears"
(25 mins):

Group Activity: "Spreading Positivity"
(25 mins):

Final Activity: "Flashmob Singing and Dancing"
(35 mins)

Closing Reflection & Q&A (15 mins):

  • Participants are greeted and the facilitator introduce the purpose of the workshop.

  • Explain how the wireless headphones will be used throughout the session.

  • Participants will be prompted through their headphones to engage in a series of social challenges, such as striking up conversations with strangers or performing silly acts with a partner.

  • Encourage participants to push their boundaries and embrace discomfort as a pathway to growth.

  • Instructor-led discussion on effective communication techniques and active listening skills.

  • Pair participants up for guided conversation exercises, with prompts delivered through the headphones.


  • Interactive workshop on overcoming public speaking anxiety.

  • Each participant will have the opportunity to deliver a short speech or presentation on a topic of their choice, with supportive feedback provided by the group.

  • Participants will be prompted to engage in acts of kindness and positivity towards others, both within the workshop space and in public areas nearby.

  • Encourage reflection on the impact of small gestures on personal well-being and community connections.

  • Participants will come together in a public space, guided by their headphones, to perform a coordinated flashmob dance and sing-along.

  • Emphasize the joy of collective expression and celebrate individual uniqueness within the group.

  • Capture the moment with photos and videos to commemorate the shared experience.


  • Facilitator gathers participants for a send off and group discussion on key takeaways and insights from the workshop.

  • Provide resources for further exploration and support.

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