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Where It All Started

I started Sound Freqz Entertainment in 2013 as a mobile DJ service. Before this I had always enjoyed DJing in my bedroom, at my High School (Dry Ice), and with Acclaim Sound and Lighting. But once I got myself a car, Sound Freqz began humbly in online classified ads with some graciously trusting clients. 

While on a family vacation in January of 2018, I attended my first silent disco on a cruise ship and within a few months I was investing in a wireless headphone system to begin hosting silent events throughout Northern Ontario. I wasn't sure exactly all the ways I'd eventually use them, but I was consumed with a vision and was certain that I wasn't the only one who found silent parties hilariously fun.

So with no prior business experience I jumped in and have been learning ever since. ​

Sound Freqz Entertainment ​has been a labour of love. I strive to go above and beyond to make each event move smoothly. I've had the 
privilege to share so many important life events with my past clients. Music creates moments and brings people together like nothing else. 

Stay tuned to find out what's next!

Join in the experience: follow, share, and participate.

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