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Silent Party

Silent Party

Offer your guests the experience of a silent party! DJ sndFr3q hosts a crazy non-stop show with three different mixes playing simultaneously.

Flashmob dances, track battles, sing-offs, and other creative interactive games make a silent party distinct. We cover event announcements and provide on-location support to distribute headphones.

Are you looking for more than just DJ sndFr3q at your event? The additional add-on options listed will give you more customization options to your event planning.

Silent Party Packages

 small gathering
(birthday, staff party)

$450 - 2.5 hours
($175 additional hour)

large gathering
(wedding, business event)

$750 - 2.5 hours
($250 additional hour)

Are you ready to live in the moment?
DJ sndFr3q is your host/headphone jockey programming all three channels of music to your taste. Crowd games and call response make your silent party interactive and noisy! 

Entertainment Add-on Options

Additional Live DJs
Crowd Karaoke (+Host)

Additional Options

Yoga, Zumba, Meditation, or Dance Instructor
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