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Silent Party Sponsorship

Sponsor a free public silent party for great incentives, online exposure, and a highly interactive campaign focused on promoting your brand.

Contact us to plan your next marketing event!


Silent Event Sponsorship

There is nothing like a crowd of singing and dancing people to get everyone to take notice. Whatever the occasion silent parties are one of the most engaging marketing tools available that can turn any open space into a night club.

Give your charity or business brand exposure across multiple platforms and mediums. Let us design an event that will generate traffic, provide valuable contact leads, and expand your online footprint. 

Key Benefits

  • VIP Headphones

  • Banners

  • Booth Displays

  • Media Wall

  • Social Media Ads

  • Prize Giveaways

Gold Sponsor

All Benefits Included Most Comprehensive 

  • 40 VIP headphones

  • 3 live shoutout and audio tag per hour

  • banner logo on display

  • lead event channel sponsorship

  • 30% of social media ad budget 

  • social media post (solo)



Only 1 Available

Silver Sponsor

Channel Spotlight

  • 25 VIP headphones

  • channel sponsorship

  • 2 live shoutout and audio tag per hour

  • 15% of social media ad budget

  • banner/logo on location

  • social media post (mixed)



Only 1 Available

Bronze Sponsor

Social Media Shoutout

  • 15 VIP headphones

  • 1 live shoutout per hour

  • banner/logo on location

  • social media post (mixed)



Nickel Sponsor

Event Supporter

  • 5 VIP headphones

  • banner/logo on location



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