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Sound Freqz Printshop

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Prints That Make an Impression, Every Time 

Sound Freqz Printshop is an innovative extension of our event planning business that specializes in creating custom-branded merchandise for events and clients. At Sound Freqz Printing, we utilize a range of creative methods, including custom stickers, stencils, silk screens, and heat transfers, to bring your brand to life on a variety of materials, including fabric, metal, and plastic surfaces. Whether you're looking for branded apparel, promotional items, or customized giveaways, we've got you covered without the need to commit to a bulk order to get the best pricing - pay per unit of what you need. Our team works closely with clients to understand their unique vision and requirements, offering personalized solutions that account for materials, design, and labor. With access to a diverse network of distributors, we ensure high-quality products and timely delivery for every order. Elevate your event experience with custom-branded merchandise from Sound Freqz Printing and make a lasting impression on your audience that can take with them.

Custom Print Options

  1. Screen Printing:

    • Screen Setup Fee: $150 (one-time charge)

    • Fabric or Cardstock Prints: $5 per print

  2. Pins/Magnets:

    • Transparent Logo Pins/Magnets: $0.50 per item

  3. Heat Transfer:

    • Heat Transfer Setup Fee: $50 (one-time charge)

    • Objects (Plastic, Metal) Printing: $2 per item

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