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Silent Sports Showdown combines the excitement of sports with the immersive experience of silent disco. Participants engage in a variety of sports-themed activities and games, all while wearing silent disco headphones. This makes asigning teams or roles by headphone colour easy for competitive tag, capture the flag, the squid game, or Predator vs Prey. Silent Sports Showcase offers a unique and exhilarating twist on traditional sports.

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Program / Itinerary (Duration: 2.5 hours)

Warm-Up & Instructions (30 minutes)

Sports Challenges (60 minutes)

Half-Time Break (30 minutes)

Final Showdown & Awards (30 minutes)

Participants gather for a brief warm-up session with guided stretches followed by an overview of the various sports-themed activities. Host sets the mood with upbeat music to energize participants while they are led through a stretching routine.

Participants split into teams and rotate through a series of sports challenges, including competitive tag, capture the flag, and other interactive games. Host provides commentary and encouragement throughout the challenges.

Participants take a break to hydrate and recharge before the second half of the event. Guided yoga or meditation provided on different channels. Host plays relaxing music to help participants unwind and prepare for the remaining challenges.

The event concludes with a final showdown, where participants compete in one last sports challenge to determine the ultimate winners. Host announces the winners and award prizes to the top-performing teams.

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