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celebrate the release of your new favourite album in style at the Album Release Party! Hear from the artist in an intimate interview dive into their latest work. Check out playlists of inspirational artists, recording sessions, or previously released material. Dive into the world of your artists and experience the thrill of a virtual album release celebration.

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Program / Itinerary (Duration: 2 hours)

Welcome & Album Showcase (60 minutes)

Dance Party and Closing (45 minutes)

Wrap-Up & Celebration (15 minutes)

Participants gather to learn about the featured album and artist.

  • Live Channel will feature a podcast interview experience as the artist plays selected tracks from the latest release, providing commentary about the inspiration or creative process. This sets a mood for the party and focused listening experience.

  • Music Channels will feature previously released material from the artist, raw jam/recording sessions, or even a playlist of their favourite artists. 

Participants get additional opportunities to engage with the artist following the album presentation.

  • Live Channel will feature Album Trivia & Games where participants test their knowledge of the featured albums with trivia questions and challenges. Prizes are awarded to winners, adding an element of excitement to the event. It will also feature a Q/A with the artist if time and interest are available. 

  • Music Channels will come alive as participants groove to the beats of the featured albums. DJs mix and blend tracks seamlessly, keeping the energy high throughout the party.

The party concludes with a final closing song on all channels, allowing participants to let loose and celebrate with the artist. DJs thank everyone for attending and invite guests to stay connected for future album release events.

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