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What's a Silent Party?

People all around the world are enjoying the fun of "silent disco" popularized by Flashmobs and TV shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine but what makes the experience unique?

Top 5 reasons to use headphones

1. Unwanted Noise pollution

Have you ever been to an event and found it challenging to talk over a loud speaker? Have you ever worried about municipal noise by-laws when planning an indoor/outdoor event? 

Silent parties are a great solution to reduce the noise pollution generated by loud speaker systems, which opens up a wide range of event locations and time slots.

3AM after-party in a forest?
Why not?

2. Adjusting your volume

Have you ever been to a club where the sound was just awful? You're either too close or far away from the speakers. If you're sensitive to loud sound levels, you'll probably need ear plugs to really feel comfortable at a live show or concert.

No matter where you are in an event space, you'll have the best volume (or none at all) when you're attending a silent event!

3. You're the DJ!

At a silent event you're in control of what you hear. No need to wait out a bad song or for a tempo that matches your level of energy. Easily jump between any of the three options to keep the party vibe tuned to your frequency.

4. Get interactive

With the bright coloured LEDs on each headphone you'll be able to see what others are listening to. This is not only helpful to know what's popular at any moment but it also allows you to easily connect with others doing the same activity. You might even discover a shared interest with someone new!

5. Everyone looks crazy!

We all try to dance like "no one is watching" but sometimes it can be challenging to let loose in a public setting. The good news is that without any audible music playing everyone looks crazy at a silent party. So... you might as well join in!

Easily keep a comfortable social distance. Sing aloud and jump around. You're the star. Whether you're a participant or a spectator, there is a hilarious chaos that happens when everyone does their thing.. and we think that's pretty incredible.  

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