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Sound Freqz Academy

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Unlock Your Potential, with Sound Freqz Academy

Sound Freqz academy provides a carefully crafted curriculum to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the dynamic world of event production. Through a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on practical experience, students will delve into various aspects of event planning, silent party technology, show production techniques, and more. Our goal is to empower students to become proficient in operating silent party systems, orchestrating engaging events, and delivering memorable experiences for clients and attendees alike. By the end of their training, students will possess a comprehensive understanding of event logistics, technical aspects of sound and lighting, effective communication strategies, and the ability to adapt and innovate in diverse event settings. They will emerge as competent professionals ready to make their mark in the exciting field of event entertainment.

Booking Options

  1. Silent Party System Training:

    • Beginner Course: $200

      • Introduction to silent party technology

      • Hands-on training in setting up equipment

      • Troubleshooting common issues

      • Duration: 2 hours

    • Advanced Course: $400

      • Advanced techniques in silent party system operation

      • Strategies for maximizing wireless signal

      • Best practices for seamless operation during events

      • Duration: 4 hours

  2. Event Planning Workshop:

    • Basic Workshop: $300

      • Overview of event planning fundamentals

      • Steps involved in organizing a successful event

      • Tips for effective budgeting and vendor management

      • Duration: 3 hours

    • Advanced Workshop: $500

      • In-depth exploration of event logistics and coordination

      • Case studies and real-world scenarios

      • Strategies for managing emergencies and unexpected challenges

      • Duration: 5 hours

  3. DJ Training Program:

    • Beginner Program: $500

      • Basics of DJ equipment and software

      • Fundamental mixing techniques

      • Introduction to music theory and genre analysis

      • Duration: 6 weeks (12 sessions)

    • Intermediate Program: $800

      • Advanced mixing techniques and transitions

      • Beatmatching and tempo control

      • Building a cohesive DJ set and reading the crowd

      • Duration: 10 weeks (20 sessions)

  4. Music Production Course:

    • Basic Course: $600

      • Introduction to digital audio workstations (DAWs)

      • Music theory essentials for producers

      • Basics of sound design and synthesis

      • Duration: 8 weeks (16 sessions)

    • Advanced Course: $1000

      • In-depth exploration of DAWs and advanced production techniques

      • Sampling and audio manipulation

      • Arrangement, composition, and mastering

      • Duration: 12 weeks (24 sessions)

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