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Silent Party

A silent party or "silent disco" is an event where people dance to music broadcast over wireless headphones. Coloured LEDs on each headphone match with one of the three music channels playing, so everyone knows who is listening to what. Participants appear hilariously out of context as they sing, laugh, and dance at different tempos.  

Sound Freqz Entertainment has several shows that will be a great fit for any occasion. Our clever theme party ideas will have you thinking of how you might host your own. You'll find that a silent party can be a great solution for any gathering that requires great audio: presentations, birthday parties, movie screenings, video game tournaments, live concerts, jam sessions, rehearsals, guided meditation; fitness, yoga, and dance instruction.

Event Name
Event Description
Event Image
Channel Playlist
Summer Beach Party
Join us for a fun-filled day at the beach with music and entertainment
Glow in the Dark Dance Party
Experience the thrill of dancing under neon lights and glowing accessories
80s Retro Party
Step back in time and groove to the iconic tunes of the 80s
Masquerade Ball
Dress up in your finest attire and enjoy a night of mystery and elegance
Silent Disco Party
Put on your wireless headphones and dance to your own beat in a silent environment
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