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Asylum: 90's Party
March 29th, 2019


We are hosting a 90's Party at the Asylum in Sudbury.
The event is marketed towards singles but couples can have just as much fun with our 90's theme music stylings. 

Hourly "spotlight dances" encourage participants to identify their relationship status by switching their headphones to a specific colour.

Red = unavailable, Green = available, Blue = it's complicated

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Gold Sponsor

All Benefits Included Most Comprehensive 

  • 40 free headphone rentals

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Silver Sponsor

Channel Spotlight

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Bronze Sponsor

Social Media Shoutout

  • 15 free headphone rentals

  • 1 live shoutout per hour

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Nickel Sponsor

Event Supporter

  • 5 free headphone rentals

  • banner/logo on location



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