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5 Tips for any Silent Event

Silent events come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Radio Frequency (RF) Headphones offer the flexibility of movement (up to 500m/1500ft) and choice between three or more content channels. You can switch between a fitness/yoga class, topic discussion, live concert, feature film, or pop-up dance party all within the same physical space.

Whatever you decide to do here are 5 helpful tips to ensure you have the best experience at any Silent Event you attend.

1) Adjust volume to a comfortable level and leave it. Prolonged exposure to high volume can cause listening fatigue and hearing damage. Plan to take short breaks between long sessions.

2) Watch where you are going! It's a little disorienting at first to be without any audible cues when there are so many party goers all around. When changing locations keep an eye out for fellow participants who may be unaware they are in "their" zone.

3) Find new friends. There are fantastic people all around you! An inspiring moment can erupt at any time, on any channel, and any where in the event space. Surf the crowd by changing channels and connect with other silent participants clustered together.

4) Sing along and make noises. Silent events aren't entirely silent. As a spectator you'll hear laughing, breathing, body movements, and, yes, even singing. It's all part of spectacle.

5) Everyone can participate... just be you. Whether you're a spectator or wearing headphones, dancing or relaxing in a chair, observing the scene or striking up a conversation, you decide how you are present in the moment. Silent events are inclusive of everyone :)

With those tips in mind you'll have a fantastic experience at any Silent Event. Got tips to share of your own? Share or leave a comment below.

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